Secure Client Booking & Fast Payments

As a freelancer, you want to ensure that you get paid for the work you complete. With WondaPay you and your buyer are protected.

Your buyer makes contact with you and they provide you with a brief for the work. Everything is moving along until you ask them for payment upfront.

They then become hesitant to the point where it looks as though you might lose their custom.

You have the right to ask for payment or partial payment upfront as a form of protection but you are also afraid of losing a potential client.

You might be thinking:
  • Should I complete the job without an upfront payment?
  • Are they going to take my work and disappear?
  • What are the terms we are working with?
  • What if they refuse to pay?
  • If any issues arise, who do I speak to?
The Solution

WondaPay helps to remove any potential problems and protects you from situations where you might not get paid for the work you complete as a freelancer.

We make it possible for you to work with confidence and build strong relationships with buyers.

Use WondaPay on your phone, tablet or your laptop.

Safe Payment

You can give buyers confidence with safe payments. When they make a payment, we will hold the payment until your buyer is happy with the work you have produced.

Dispute Resolution

We have a dispute resolution service available should your buyer refuse to pay. We can provide our support and advice, helping you to deal with problems professionally.

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