Secure Booking

Our secure and smart system allows you and your freelancer to easily draw up a contract before work starts so you can agree mutually acceptable terms.

So, you’ve found the perfect freelancer for your project. They have a great portfolio, excellent reviews, exciting ideas and are effective communicators – everything seems great!

…but they’ve asked you to pay upfront for their work.

If you’ve never paid upfront for freelance work before you may be feeling uncertain about making that payment.

You may be thinking:
  • Is this a scam?

  • What am I agreeing to?

  • What if they run off with my money?

  • What if they don’t deliver good quality work?

  • Who do I speak to if I have any issues?

The Solution

WondaPay eliminates all of these issues and protects you from potentially fraudulent situations. We bring confidence in your commercial relationships.

Use WondaPay on your phone, tablet or your laptop.

Safe Payment

You don’t need to worry about upfront payments either. When you make a payment, we’ll keep it safe until you’re happy with the work provided by your freelancer.

Dispute Resolution

If you have any problems, our DisputeRes service is here for you to offer support and advice, so you can navigate potentially challenging situations with ease.

Get that WondaPay-feeling and make your next freelance contract a success!

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