About us

The Objective

WondaPay has been created to enable freelancers and buyers to work together in total confidence.

Did you know that on average, freelancers will spend around 8 days a year chasing late payments? We figured there must be a better way so we set out to create a secure and safe platform to end late payments and unpaid invoices forever.

Research also revealed that 43% of freelancers have written off a project altogether due to payers disputing work or ghosting, a breakdown in communication. This can put serious pressure on a freelancer’s finances and be a source of worry and anxiety even after a job is complete.

The Solution

We all know that the most productive projects are the ones where there’s mutual trust and a close collaborative relationship between freelancer and payer. WondaPay is here to facilitate this relationship with our unique trust platform.

Agree your contract terms and request payment then all you need to do is be creative and deliver your work – we’ll sort out the rest.

When the time comes to request payment, we’ll make sure the payer is satisfied with the work provided and then we’ll release your funds – it’s as simple as that. Any disputes and we’re here to help you through that too.

Get started with WondaPay today and say goodbye to late and unpaid invoices!

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