Superfast payments for freelancers

Use WondaPay to request payments from clients in seconds – and get access to your money 10 minutes after project completion. Every client, every time.

Never worry again about 30 plus day payment terms or chasing late or unpaid invoices.

What is WondaPay?

We are the UK’s only FCA-registered escrow payment platform for freelancers and their clients.

Freelancers can request that clients pay upfront into the WondaPay account before commencing projects – giving both parties total confidence that those funds are secured and will be released immediately upon project delivery.

This means that freelancers can commit to a project start, confident that they’ll receive payment in their bank account 10 minutes after project delivery.

Why use WondaPay?

Paying into escrow ensures freelancers get paid within 10 minutes of completing a project - meaning no waiting or chasing invoices.


Once signed-up, all you need is the other party’s email address to start a project.


We’re registered with the UK’s Financial Regulator, the FCA, and will hold your funds until the transaction is complete.


Every transaction is verified so freelancers and payers can see a summary of completed projects and disputes raised.

Fast payment on your next freelance project
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